State of Georgia face a budget deficit for fiscal

State of Georgia face a budget deficit for fiscal year 2009 to more than $ 2 billion. And countries do not have the luxury of running a deficit spending, and print up paper money to cover the shortfall. the state budget must be balanced each year. So, Georgia needs to give serious consideration to new revenue streams.

State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta) has announced its intention to introduce a bill in the 2009 legislative session to allow voters to decide whether they want the game in Georgia. The bill would allow the voters of each Georgia county to decide whether or not they want the game in their area. Georgia Assembly and recent governors have been cool to the idea of ??casinos in Georgia. But never allow any legislative proposal for the selected game in a public referendum or other popular sound.

The big question is: Should gambling be made legal in the state of Georgia?

Answer Number One: In a free society, individuals are free to use the income and assets which way they choose them. There should be no sanction moral, ethical, or even the Bible against gambling. Some people believe that gambling is a sin, but sin is not to be made illegal when it does not do violence or fraud against another individual. In other words, if I use my money to gamble with, it is my business.

Answer Number Two: The State legislators have settled any moral trepidations that may never have more gambling. It is already the law here in Georgia in one form Situs Agen judi slot poker online terpercaya indonesia . Fifteen years ago, lottery gambling became legal in Georgia, and to date, has generated more than $ 15 billion of tax revenue. Sales for fiscal 2008 rose to a record $ 3.5 billion, exceeding the revenues generated during the fiscal year 2007. Thus, the State of Georgia has been in the gaming business for over 15 years. Casino gambling is just another form of gambling. However, with casino gambling, the state will not have a monopoly, but private companies will own and operate a casino.

With a 15-year history of successful games under its belt, it will be quite difficult for the General Assembly of Georgia refused gambling casinos without showing great hypocrisy. But the great hypocrisy does not stop them in the past.

But, what about the other countries where gaming is legal? What experience they have?

To find out, I went to the website of the American Gaming Association in Washington, DC.

In Nevada, the granddaddy of them all, where the game began in 1931, tax revenues from games have become a huge part of the state budget. In 2006, Nevada gaming has 201,000 employees and tax revenue was $ 1.034 billion. Nevada budget for 2009 is set at $ 6 billion, so that the gaming revenue comprises about 17% of the total revenue that the state every year.

Mississippi legalized gaming in 1990, authorized by law and sound local options. There are 30,500 employees games, and tax revenue for 2006 was $ 350.44 million.

Louisiana legalized gambling in 1993, authorized by law and sound local options. tax revenue last year was $ 559 million, another $ 68 million from racetrack casinos, with 20,300 employees games.

Michigan legalized gambling in 1996 by referendum in all the states, the local selection and sound legislation. Michigan has three casinos generated tax revenue in 2006 of $ 365 million.

So we see here that other countries have a long history of success with casino gambling.

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